Biographical signals

Liliana Scocco Cilla was born in Pula (Italian Istria) and moved to Italy at the age of eleven, to the city of Ravenna where she lives and works nowadays.That experience shows her sensitivity, which she pours into her works, all pervaded with an abundance of tones, shades and unmistakable depth.Unique is the technique used by the artist, who paints straight onto the canvas, without preparatory drawings, forming her works with her own hands, without the use of a paintbrush, in response to her need to feel the colour and the work, in a direct contact between form and spirit.Instinct, colour, forms: these are the dominant themes in Liliana Scocco Cilla’s very personal interpretation painting artwhich make her the leader of “DIGITISMO”, that is the art of painting with fingers directly onto tha camvas.Her art has recived wide (international) recognition, also expressed by a number of artists in their “Homage to Liliana Scocco Cilla”.


I was attending middle schools at Marina di Ravenna; I was about 14 and I remember that, using only color on a normal Fabrian sketch sheet, I threw out a volcano with the smoke that was picking up in a dense, quite messy cloud, and all around the sea, a great sea. Nature fascinates me, I let me catch into the spaces of nature, I lose me, I live with it a fascinating, vivifying relationship,. Nature has in itself the whole poetry of the world; nature induces to live; otherwise, it is very difficult for me to manage all the contradictions of us human beings. Open spaces, high skies and sea expanses, are the three natural elementsby which I succeed in freeing me, in order to find my freedom again. In fact, I can space into them, go over, demolish the barriers of a sensitive, often tormented world. My sails are inclined by this desire to go over. In a certain sense, the sail is my sign! And yet, you cannot leave your life out of consideration, while it proposes itself with its pains and torments. Life is a part of this immense nature that I love to represent on my canvas. But I don’t want to transmit pain. On the contrary, I’d like to offer some small change of happiness.Painting is for me giving outlet to my desires, it is a need of throwing color, taming it then, with the point of my fingers, moving it, dragging it, clotting it. At that point, color turns into form, my idea emerges, whereas it could seem absent. It sometimes happens that I stop and think. It is inevitable, when human tragedy hits in my eyes, and yet I know that there is no need to get overwhelmed.Also faith has a role in what I express: faith is opening, and I believe that every artist has to interpret this opening, this availability to understand and to look at reality with the nobility of her mind.

If someone asks me whay art is for me, I answer him that art is love, love is life. Art is life.